5 Friendly Winners - Ration + Dram

AJC: Fancy-pants bars not your thing? Try these 5 friendly winners

Not long ago, I decided to check out a Buckhead bar that’s…
October 19, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram in Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure: Atlanta’s Best Spots for Sipping Low-Proof Cocktails

Cocktails made with low-alcohol booze have become increasingly…
September 9, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram in Jezebel

Jezebel: Gourmet Game Day

Killer football and top notch bites? Here, the 10 hot spots sending…
September 1, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram Cocktails

AJC: 5 places to build your own cocktail in Atlanta

Sugar or salt on the rim? If you like your cocktails a little…
September 1, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram Melon Bowl

AJC: Make a sweet parfait from Ration & Dram with in-season melon

Susan Shaw and her husband Garry own Hickory Hill Farm,…
July 13, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram: Healthy Cocktails

AJC: 5 healthier cocktails from metro Atlanta restaurants

Whether it's the summer heat, or your waistline or alcohol tolerance,…
June 22, 2016/by ginny
atlanta cocktails at ration + dram

AJC: Where to drink like the pros during Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival (AFWF) invades Midtown today…
June 2, 2016/by ginny

Atlanta Mag: The 15 Best Places for Boozy Drinks in Atlanta

4. Ration and Dram 7.9 130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta,…
May 26, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram: Cocktail Classes


Ration & Dram Shaken or Stirred: Champagne Cocktails WHEN:…
May 26, 2016/by ginny
brunch cocktails at ration + dram

AJC: 3 must-try brunch cocktails in metro Atlanta

Sometimes, mimosas and bloody marys simply won’t do at brunch.…
April 14, 2016/by ginny
Family Brunch at ration + dram

AJC: Best family-friendly brunch in metro Atlanta

Ration & Dram is all chic minimalism: tawny leather stools,…
April 14, 2016/by ginny
Family Brunch at ration + dram

Thrillist: Where to Find Atlanta’s Best Biscuits

A lot of food crazes have hit Atlanta over the past 10 years.…
March 29, 2016/by ginny
Cocktails at Ration + Dram

CW Atlanta: Top ATL Brunch Cocktails-Kait’s 8 Edition

So ever since I hit the whopping age of 23 (2 years ago) I have…
March 16, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram on Eater

Eater: Atlanta’s Best Patios: Where to Eat and Drink Al Fresco

Daylight Saving Time is here, which means the weather's getting…
March 14, 2016/by ginny
best cocktail in atlanta - ration + dram


It seems like every weekend, a new bar or restaurant is opening…
March 10, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram: Day of the Dude

AJC: 4 weekend food events in Atlanta: Beer battle, Day of the Dude and more

Beer battle. "Day of the Dude" celebration. Free food. This weekend,…
March 4, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram: Dark Side Cocktail

Creating Loafing: Best Bets: Perfectly paired Oscar cocktails

Your drinking guide to the 88th Annual Academy Awards (February…
February 26, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram Chicken and Dumplings

AJC: The chicken and dumplings that a chilly Atlanta needs

Sometimes you just need to dive into a bowl of comfort. This…
January 14, 2016/by ginny
Ration + Dram: Cocktail Classes

Culinary Local: Stir Up Your Year – Cocktail Classes at Ration and Dram

Nothing completes a meal or an evening quite so elegantly as…
January 7, 2016/by ginny
Hot Toddies at Ration & Dram

AJC: Bars bring winter cheer with warm cocktails

Winter is coming, Atlanta. Generally, we prepare for this…
December 14, 2015/by ginny
Ration + Dram

AJC: The Weekender: Food events in Atlanta Dec. 4 – 6

SEC Championship brunch. Beer tour. Gingerbread house party.…
December 4, 2015/by ginny
Andy Minchow

Creative Loafing: What to drink with Thanksgiving dinner – Part I

Make these cocktails or drink these local beers on Thanksgiving,…
November 24, 2015/by ginny

Eater: These Atlanta Restaurants Will Save You From Cooking on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving tends to entail a mountain of planning between inviting…
November 23, 2015/by ginny
Thanksgiving Dinner in Atlanta at Ration + Dram

About.com: Where to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in Atlanta

Ration & Dram is offering a no fuss, casual Thanksgiving…
November 19, 2015/by ginny
Ration + Dram Exterior

The Crimson White: Six Things to do in Atlanta

It’s another lonely away-game weekend in Tuscaloosa, leaving…
November 13, 2015/by ginny
Chicken and Dumplings at Ration + Dram

AJC: Warm up with these 15 Atlanta comfort food dishes and drinks

When you're looking to warm up, these cold-weather comfort…
November 6, 2015/by ginny
Andy Minchow's Suppressor #7

PUNCH: Suppressor #7. Low Proof Cocktail.

Andy Minchow, Ration & Dram | Atlanta Ration & Dram’s…
November 3, 2015/by ginny
Rainy Day Cocktails at Ration + Dram

AJC: 4 rainy day deals around Atlanta

Don’t let a rainy day in Atlanta spoil your fun; instead, let…
October 27, 2015/by ginny
Ration + Dram: Cold Brew Cocktails

Tales of the Cocktail: Caffeinated Cocktails- Where Coffee and Booze Come Together

As brisk fall weather rolls in, tenders of the bar reach for…
October 26, 2015/by ginny
Thrillist: Ration + Dram


While they make some of the city’s most solid small plates,…
October 19, 2015/by ginny
Ration Dram: Hangover cures


Where: Ration and Dram, Atlanta What: Named for the oft-quoted…
October 9, 2015/by ginny
Ration + Dram: Cold Brew Cocktails

Eater: Impressive Cold Brew Cocktails and Where to Drink Them

Cold brew coffee—bottled, nitro on tap or built to order—is…
September 8, 2015/by ginny
Ration + Dram - Best Egg Sandwich in Atlanta

Foursquare: The 11 Best Places for Egg Salad Sandwiches in Atlanta

Ration + Dram 130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA American Restaurant…
August 24, 2015/by ginny


For the Bookworm: Instead of “bottomless mimosas” or the…
June 30, 2015/by ginny
Best summer drinks - Ration + Dram

AJC: Atlanta’s best summer drinks

It's summer, and it's HOT out there. Now, whether it's the…
June 22, 2015/by ginny
Ration + Dram: Nitro Coffee at Ration + Dram

AJC: Nitro Coffee, Cocktails at Ration & Dram, and DIY nitro beverages

Recently, Ration & Dram in Kirkwood became one of the first…
May 27, 2015/by ginny
Ration + Dram- Rumrunners

Garden & Gun: Drinks – The New Rumrunners

Small-batch distilleries are helping rum reclaim its rightful…
May 1, 2015/by ginny
Superbowl at Ration + Dram

Creative Loafing: Best Bets- Where to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta (and why)

Wings, on wings, on wings, big screen TVs, endless discussions…
January 30, 2015/by ginny
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