AJC: Fancy-pants bars not your thing? Try these 5 friendly winners

Not long ago, I decided to check out a Buckhead bar that’s the epitome of fashion. But, before I could get in, I had to email the joint for a secret code to let me in the door.

Not my thang. I’m much happier at my new neighborhood Kroger on Glenwood Avenue. It has a nifty wine and craft-beer bar with a relaxed mood and a three-drink maximum. (That’s right: Kroger doesn’t endorse drunk shopping.)

Luckily, Atlanta has a number of establishments with a friendly, laid-back vibe; good drinks; and dependable grub. Here are some faves:

Ration & Dram.This Arizona Avenue spot has a terrific drink program. Wave of Mutilation, made with tequila, pineapple and lime, manages to taste both tropical and autumnal, thanks to a splash of spicy pimento dram. In Bed With Harvey combines pisco with aged Antiguan rum, Gran Classico bitters and lemon. On the classic side, the bar’s Brian Stanger makes a kick-butt Sazerac.

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Travel + Leisure: Atlanta’s Best Spots for Sipping Low-Proof Cocktails

Cocktails made with low-alcohol booze have become increasingly popular, and Atlanta’s at the forefront of the trend. So-called suppressor drinks—the antithesis of ultra- potent “revivers”— swap hard liquor for fortified or sparkling wines, layering them with liqueurs, juices, sodas, and fruit for a complex beverage that won’t have you stumbling home.

Barkeeps around the city have followed Best’s lead, adding a low-proof cocktail or two to their own menus. At Ration & Dram, bartender Andy Minchow’s Suppressor #7— Pommeau de Normandie, Cynar, and sparkling wine—is a perennial favorite, as is Cooks & Soldiers’ La Lorea, a zippy concoction of Casoni 1814, Cocchi Rosa, lemon, honey, and cava. Some choose suppressors because they’re less intimidating than, say, a high-octane martini. But they’re also true drinkers’ drinks, showing what a bartender can do when he doesn’t have the harder stuff to fall back on.

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Jezebel: Gourmet Game Day

Killer football and top notch bites? Here, the 10 hot spots sending our taste buds into overtime.

Head to Ration & Dram to share signature communal cocktails while watching the big game on one of the upstairs or downstairs screens.  Pair a Punch Seventy-Five (gin, lemon juice and sparkling wine) with a French dip, and you’ll be cheering for more than just your home team.

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AJC: 5 places to build your own cocktail in Atlanta

Sugar or salt on the rim? If you like your cocktails a little more personalized than just choosing what’s lining your margarita glass, don’t miss these build your own cocktail options at Atlanta’s restaurants and bars.

Ration & Dram. The Kirkwood watering hole is encouraging their customers to step right up and customize their own brunch punch on vintage Brunch Punch Cards, sourced from a local library. Start to build your punch by choosing your sparkle: Sparkling Brut, Rose, or Stiegl Grapefruit Radler, then add in mixers like strawberry puree, pineapple juice, Deep Eddy Vodka, Pimm’s, Cappeletti and Campari then punching your selections on the library card.

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AJC: Make a sweet parfait from Ration & Dram with in-season melon

Susan Shaw and her husband Garry own Hickory Hill Farm, a 204-acre property in Oglethorpe County. They grow certified organic fruits and vegetables on five of those acres. The property has been in Susan Shaw’s family since the early 1800s, and she and her husband are the fifth generation to work the land.

The Shaws sell their produce at the Athens Farmers Market in Bishop Park and the Athens Farmers Market at Creature Comforts Brewery, as well as the Saturday morning Freedom Farmers Market at the Carter Center in Atlanta. They’re also part of Collective Harvest, an Athens-based multi-farm community-supported agriculture program.

And they grow melons. Lots and lots of melons, although not as many this year as they had planned.

“We had really poor germination this year. Maybe only 30 percent of the seeds germinated,” said Susan Shaw.

The Shaws are growing a variety of melons: Honey Orange, Sugar Baby watermelon, Arava and Tasty Bites. “Last year, we field tested a lot of melon varieties for Johnny’s Selected Seeds. These were the ones that did the best out of all they gave us. We were looking at how they did in our fields, were they heat tolerant and how much did they produce. Then we taste-tested them at the farmers markets and these were the four that people liked best.”

The Honey Orange is a cantaloupe-type and the Sugar Baby is a personal-size seedless watermelon. The most unusual melon of the bunch is Arava, a cross between cantaloupe and honeydew. Shaw describes it as “a more savory-type melon. Not super sweet, it pairs well with prosciutto and cheeses.”

Shaw’s preference, though, is probably Tasty Bites. “This is a very sweet personal-size melon. A half makes a perfect bowl for ice cream or berries. It’s probably the best melon we grow.”

Offering tastes of the melons is how the Shaws get their customers to try new varieties. They find people can be leery of melons since you can as easily get a flavorless one as one that’s delicious. “We always offer samples, particularly with melons. We slice them up and give our customers a taste.”

Despite their germination woes, the Shaws are growing about 800 melon plants, which should translate to about 2,400 melons. Harvest began in mid-June and will continue until late September. “Like with any fruit, the first harvest and the last harvest aren’t as good as the peak harvest,” Shaw said. “The fruit develops more sugar around the middle of the season so those melons in late July and August should be particularly sweet.”

The toughest part for the farmer may be knowing just when to harvest their melons. “You have to know what you’re doing because once the melon comes off the vine, it won’t get any sweeter,” Shaw said. “With each melon the signs are different. It takes experience.”

As for how the farmers enjoy their own melons, Shaw says it’s usually pretty simple. “Last night we cut up the melon and served it alongside tomatoes, roasted squash and cucumbers and onions in vinegar. There’s very little time at the end of the day so we eat plain. But at least we get to eat what we harvest.”

Ration & Dram’s Sugar Baby Parfait

Ration & Dram is one of Hickory Hill Farm’s melon customers, and owner Andy Minchow shared this recipe he created for their personal-size watermelon. He wrote, “The Sugar Baby melons are great because of their concentrated watermelon flavor and sweetness. Also, since they’re small, they’re a bit more convenient. You don’t have to figure out what to do with the rest of a giant melon if you just want a couple of slices.”

If you don’t have a Sugar Baby melon, use another variety of seedless watermelon. For this recipe Ration and Dram also uses Atlanta Fresh yogurt, locally made in Norcross, and Georgia honey.

Simple syrup is made by heating 1 part water with 1 part granulated sugar until the sugar dissolves. Cool and refrigerate for up to 1 month.

“Salsa en palvo” is a mixture of chile peppers, lime and salt and is often sold as “fruit seasoning.” You may be able to find it in Hispanic section of your grocery store or at other stores that sell Hispanic groceries. A chili, lemon and salt version is available in the Hispanic spice section at the Buford Highway Farmers Market.

1/2 cup Greek-style yogurt

2 teaspoons honey, or to taste

1/3 cup diced Sugar Baby watermelon

Juice from 1/2 lime

1 teaspoon simple syrup

Salsa en palvo, for garnish

Chocolate mint, for garnish

In serving dish, put yogurt in the bottom of the bowl. Drizzle with honey.

In a small bowl, toss watermelon with lime juice and simple syrup. Arrange watermelon on top of yogurt and sprinkle with salsa en palvo. Garnish with mint and serve immediately. Serves: 1

Per serving: 147 calories (percent of calories from fat, 12), 7 grams protein, 27 grams carbohydrates, trace fiber, 2 grams fat (1 gram saturated), 7 milligrams cholesterol, 88 milligrams sodium.

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AJC: 5 healthier cocktails from metro Atlanta restaurants

Whether it’s the summer heat, or your waistline or alcohol tolerance, sometimes you need a lighter, healthier cocktail. Many metro Atlanta bars are happy to oblige. Here are five local cocktails with health benefits.

Ration + Dram

130 Arizona Ave. NE, Atlanta. 678-974-8380. rationanddram.com

The Ring Around the Rose is a light and slightly sweet cooler that includes Cocchi Rosa, an Italian aperitif, rose water and sparkling rosé. The restaurant‘s ingredients make it lower in alcohol than most. Plus, it has a lot of the same benefits of drinking red wine.

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AJC: Where to drink like the pros during Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival (AFWF) invades Midtown today and runs through June 5. Now in its sixth year, the festival has become one of the city’s premier events, showcasing the South’s finest chefs, wine and spirits producers and artisan food makers.

Atlanta will have its fair share of industry talent at the festival teaching and preaching Southern culinary culture at classes, tasting tents, dinners and even at a temporary vineyard. Where will Atlanta’s cocktail, wine and beer elite drink around town when taking a break from the festival? The city’s star bartenders and beverage experts shared their favorite swilling spots, which means you, too, can drink like a pro.


Ticonderoga Club partners and Atlanta cocktail forefathers Paul Calvert and Greg Best will be back leading sessions on historically-based drinks and ingredients–subjects they love to share with guests at The Club’s bar. When they’re not slinging colonial-style drinks or proselytizing the cocktail masses to their clever imbibes, the boys can be found sipping at some of their favorite bars around town, including Decatur’s Kimball House, The Mercury at Ponce City Market, Kirkwood’s Ration and Dram, Westside’s Little Trouble and Edgewood Avenue’s Noni’s Deli. For post-festival cocktails, you’ll find them tippling at, where else, Empire State South.

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Atlanta Mag: The 15 Best Places for Boozy Drinks in Atlanta

130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA
American Restaurant · 24 tips and reviews

Creative Loafing AtlantaCreative Loafing Atlanta: This neighborhood spot welcomes adults, parents, and children to enjoy southern dishes for dinner and its weekend brunch with house-made sodas, teas, and other boozy and non-boozy beverages.

Leigh G.Leigh Gilbert: $1 oysters on Mondays! Roasted ones are soooo good

Robb L.Robb Lejuwaan: Love this place. Great food, cocktails and excellent service.

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Ration & Dram
Shaken or Stirred: Champagne Cocktails
WHEN: June 18, 4 p.m.
COST: $50 (includes four cocktails and hors d’oeuvres)

THE DETAILS: Each month, this eatery hosts its Shaken or Stirred cocktail class to teach guests all they need to know about the tools and spirits that make a great cocktail. And with days of summer on the horizon, Andy Minchow, Ration & Dram’s co-owner and cocktail guru, will be teaching participants how to mix up perfect poolside sips, like the Zombie or Painkiller. Snag your seat by calling 678.974.8380.

Ration & Dram
130 Arizona Ave.
Atlanta 30307

AJC: 3 must-try brunch cocktails in metro Atlanta

Sometimes, mimosas and bloody marys simply won’t do at brunch. That’s why the “morning cocktail” was invented, and we think you should give these three a try the next time you have a hankering for coffee, scotch and eggs Benedict.

Scottish Breakfast

Scottish Breakfast is an iced coffee brunch cocktail containing scotch and cold-brewed nitro, available during brunch at Ration and Dram.

Brunch at Ration and Dram should contain three things: a chicken biscuit, a seat at the bar and an iced coffee cocktail containing scotch and cold-brewed nitro. Bank Note’s smoky blended scotch and nitro coffee form a solid base. Oat milk, vanilla and honey syrup are swirled together to create a creamy cold sipper to perk you up and settle the stomach after a night of overindulging. The drink is neither too sweet nor too bitter, but instead is a perfect balance of both, with a hint of smoky coffee remaining to the very last drop.

Ration and Dram, 130 Arizona Ave. N.E., Atlanta. 678-974-8380, rationanddram.com.

Brunch cocktail hours: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays, 12:30 p.m.-4 p.m. Sundays.

AJC: Best family-friendly brunch in metro Atlanta

Ration & Dram is all chic minimalism: tawny leather stools, mottled concrete floors, butcher block tabletops and sunny alternative standards like the Shins on the Pandora. But, if you’re looking, you’ll see signs of youth. A stashed booster seat. Bathroom door signage welcoming man, woman and/or child. Mason jars equipped with purple plastic sippie tops.

Quietly slurping away on these one Saturday morning were the very young sons of Dave and Mellonie Rollo, who live in Edgewood and, as Dave put it, “are not Chuck E. Cheese people.”

“We come here all the time,” he said, just before his very tall, very dark beer arrived. “The food is great.”

As an afterthought, he pointed to the tin box at his 5-year-old’s elbow. “And they do have crayons.”

Ration & Dram also has a kids menu, but one gets the sense that the Rationers only created it so they could give dishes cheeky names like the Skull & Crossbones. (It’s eggs, bacon and cheddar on toast.)

Like their parents, kids can imbibe “by the glass” or “by the bottle.” The choices include freshly blended fruit-and-veggie juice and Blenheim ginger ale.

Most refreshingly, for those who can’t stand the sight of another chicken finger, the kid fare — like the fluffy buttermilk biscuit with light, herb-scented sausage sawmill gravy — is also on the grown-up menu, with only a few variations.

The kids yogurt parfait, for instance, features spiced apples, while the grown-ups get strawberries, sorghum and candied pecans. The steak and egg skillet comes without chimichurri for those who can’t yet pronounce chimichurri. And only younguns are offered French toast, though the tidy little triangles are minimally sweetened and so deliciously custardy that the adults are bound to steal some bites.

Ration and Dram, 130 Arizona Ave., Atlanta. 678-974-8380, rationanddram.com.

Brunch: 11 a. m.–4 p.m. Saturdays-Sundays.

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Thrillist: Where to Find Atlanta’s Best Biscuits

A lot of food crazes have hit Atlanta over the past 10 years. And yet, most of them were about eating things that weren’t quite native Southeastern delicacies. Now, as you rise and shine each morning, more and more local restaurants are making biscuits of all sorts, and they all want you to believe that theirs are “just like Mama used to make.” However, even Mama can’t compete with some of ATL’s best biscuit-making establishments. Feast your eyes on the greatest biscuits our fair city has to offer in 2016.

Ration and Dram


Recently, after realizing R&D’s “drop biscuit” (a biscuit baked in a muffin pan instead of on a cookie sheet) was too doughy, partner Caitlin Crawford decided it was time to remix the restaurant’s biscuit. She recreated her grandmother’s version, using White Lily flour, buttermilk, and butter, mixing and folding it into layers gently by hand (because the more your biscuit dough mixes, the more dense, and less good, your biscuits will be, home-biscuiteers). The result is what you see above — a fluffy, yet fortified, bread-layered treat for the Southern-fried soul. Eat several.

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CW Atlanta: Top ATL Brunch Cocktails-Kait’s 8 Edition

So ever since I hit the whopping age of 23 (2 years ago) I have noticed that the lovely people of Atlanta, GA love them some brunch on a patio with a great drink by their side (a.k.a. a great excuse to start drinking early). So I realized, it is my duty as a proud brunch citizen [and beverage expert] to provide these patrons with a fantastic list of brunch cocktails that this city has to offer. Get ready!

#8 Rise N Shine
-Ration and Dram

-Troy and Sons White Whiskey, averna, nitro coffee, and vanilla syrup.

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Eater: Atlanta’s Best Patios: Where to Eat and Drink Al Fresco

Daylight Saving Time is here, which means the weather’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Why not spend that extra time downing an ice cold beer or sipping rosé al fresco? We’ve compiled a generally north-to-south map of the city’s best patios, whether you’re looking for a sunny deck for day drinking or an intimate spot for a comfortable nightcap. 

10 Ration & Dram

This casual Kirkwood spot offers a shady patio and a menu with everything from shareables like oysters and poutine to main plates such as chicken and dumplings and pot pie, comfort food best served with an ice cold beer (it has those, too).

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It seems like every weekend, a new bar or restaurant is opening in Atlanta — especially in or around Ponce City Market. Because of this, we decided to locate the best drink specials in 11 ATL ‘hoods. (Even Buckhead, where there are much better deals than a $10 Old Fashioned.)

Ration & Dram

Drink specials don’t necessarily need to be all about the alcohol. Sometimes the food component can be the real draw. On Monday nights, Ration & Dram offers “buck a shuck” oysters, meaning you can fill up on delicious oysters for not a lot of dollars, and wash ‘em down with rotating weekly specials like $25 bottles of rosé, mezcal deals, and more.

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AJC: 4 weekend food events in Atlanta: Beer battle, Day of the Dude and more

Beer battle. “Day of the Dude” celebration. Free food. This weekend, there’s lots of fun, food events happening around town. Add one or all four events to your calendar and be prepared to eat, drink and have a grand ole time. Cheers to weekend.

Drink, movie and a party: Celebrate Big Lebowski’s official “Day of the Dude” all day Sunday, Mar. 6 at Ration & Dram. Guests—guys and gals—will delight in a special Big Lebowski cocktail menu, bowling-themed food menu and movie screening.

130 Arizona Ave., Atlanta. 678-974-8380. www.rationanddram.com.

Creating Loafing: Best Bets: Perfectly paired Oscar cocktails

Your drinking guide to the 88th Annual Academy Awards (February 28, 2016, 5:30 PM) is here. We can’t all be at the ceremonies but we can honor the nominated while sipping around Atlanta. We found 8 cocktails that seem to have been made for highly acclaimed flicks. Celebrate the biggest night in Hollywood with a drink that matches the spirit of each Best Picture film. If none of these do the trick, make your own and take a drink every time the “wrap it up” music comes on. And the nominees are…

The Big Short is the story of hedge fund managers and bankers who capitalize on the bursting housing bubble during the financial crisis of 2008. They bet against (shorted) subprime mortgage bonds and waited for the eventual implosion. Time Invested ($11) at Tavernpointe is goes perfectly with the herbaceous tequila, pear, Aperol, lemon, green tea, and celery bartender Madison Burch stirs together. It’s better balanced than the sheets of those bankers. 1545 Peachtree St. NE. Midtown. 404-549-3954. www.tavernpointe.com.

The Courier ($10) at Ticonderoga Club is a suppressor much the silencers used on the CIA agents’ guns in Bridge of Spies. It’s an blend of Spanish red vermouth and sherry boosted by coffee liqueur and orange bitters. Garnished with a lovely and aromatic cardamom leaf, it is subtle and nuanced, like a courier of secret plans during the Cold War. 99 Krog St NE. Inman Park. 404-458-4534. www.ticonderogaclub.com.

There is a love triangle in Brooklyn with an Irish immigrant, an Italian plumber, and a local Irishman back home. Home is two places for Ellis Lacey. She could be the muse for Dual Citizenship ($10) at La Tavola with Hedura blanco tequila, Cappelletti Aperitivo, and grapefruit essence. 992 Virginia Ave. Virginia Highland. 404-873-5430. www.latavolatrattoria.com.

The only cocktail that could withstand the fury of Max and Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road is In the Wind ($10) at The Iberian Pig. What better way to go through a post-apocalyptic chase through wasteland than with a spicy and flavorful amalgam of rye whiskey, yellow chartreuse, Amaro Montenegro, Grand Marnier, and Angostura and Orange bitters. 121 Sycamore Street. Decatur. 404-371-8800. www.theiberianpigatl.com.

Left by his crew on the hostile planet of Mars, Matt Damon’s astronaut character in The Martian thrives by way of science and his sense of humor. Kellie Thornat Empire State South is equally as clever with spirit concoctions. Two World Hero ($12) mixes together tea-infused cognac, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and red wine syrup. Sublime as space must be. 999 Peachtree Street NE. Midtown. 404-541-1105. www.empirestatesouth.com.

Fueled by grief and revenge, a frontiersman treks across the American wilderness of 1823 in The Revenant. The survival skills of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Hugh Glass, are the stuff of legend. Hunting Season ($12) at Kimball House is an equally fierce cocktail. The bitter elements of rye whiskey, cherry aperitif, absinthe, and earthy sassafras please a daring palate. 303 E. Howard Ave. Decatur. 404-378-3502. www.kimball-house.com.

In Room, five-year-old Jack and his mom are the whole world to each other after being held captive in a shed his entire life. The One and Only ($12) at Miller Union sums up their strong connection in a glass. Vodka, floral St. Germain, grapefruit bitters, and lemon conjure up the sunny flavors of the outside world.999 Brady Ave. NW. Westside. 678-733-8550. www.millerunion.com.

In 2001 a team of Boston Globe journalists go on a mission to uncover allegations of priests molesting boys within their churches in Spotlight. Offset such dark material in the fun atmosphere of Decatur’s S.O.S. Tiki Bar. We suggest The Reverend’s Fancy ($10), a boozy mix of pineapple rum, Reposado tequila, amaro, and a rim of coconut garnish. It’s cheeky, but delicious. 340 Church Street. Decatur. 404-377-9308.

Bonus: It’s not one of the eight candidates but if it were, we would match Star Wars: The Force Awakens with The Dark Side at Ration and Dram. Brandy, rum, porter beer syrup, and Angostura bitters are stirred to make you question where your loyalties lie. 130 Arizona Ave. NE. Kirkwood/Edgewood. 678-974-8380. www.rationanddram.com.

AJC: The chicken and dumplings that a chilly Atlanta needs

Sometimes you just need to dive into a bowl of comfort. This is true whether the temps outside are dipping a little too low for your preference or you need to speak to some food about your emotions.

Chicken and dumplings is a perfect vehicle, and Atlanta is no stranger to the dish. These chicken and dumplings will give you a big ol’ bear hug of comfort.

Ration & Dram

130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307; 678-974-8380,  www.rationanddram.com

Ration & Dram is known for their cocktails. The menu is full of dark spirits that lend themselves to quiet conversations at the cozy bar. To keep those chats – not to mention those stiff drinks – going, you’ll need some equally comforting food. Look no further than the chicken and dumplings. They use Darby Farms chicken for both the meat and the stock. The dish is made creamy with Swiss Dairy milk and biscuit dumplings. It all comes together for a powerful hug on a chilly night.

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Culinary Local: Stir Up Your Year – Cocktail Classes at Ration and Dram

Nothing completes a meal or an evening quite so elegantly as a perfectly balanced cocktail. This February, Edgewood eatery Ration and Dram has launched “Shaken or Stirred,” an exciting series of classes devoted to the art and craft of cocktail making. The modern American spot is well known for its creative cocktail menu (for brunch as well as dinner), so it’s a great destination for anyone who wants to start mixing flavorful, interesting drinks at home.

At 4 PM on Saturday, February 27, Ration and Dram will host a starter class on cocktail fundamentals. But don’t worry if you won’t be able to catch it this weekend. In the months ahead, there will be five more cocktail classes to enjoy, each one focused on a particular base. March’s class will feature whiskey, April’s class brandy. Champagne and tropical drinks will take center stage during the summer. There’s no obligation to attend more than one class, but they will vary enough between months to make each one worth your while.

The talent behind “Shaken or Stirred” is impressive. Owner Andy Minchow, who established Ration and Dram in 2014, previously served as partner and bartender at Holeman and Finch Public House. Bar manager Kysha Cyrus has established herself as a sommelier and craft bartender at a variety of Atlanta spots and was named one of Atlanta’s Top 10 Bartenders by BlackBook Magazine. They will work together to demonstrate expert cocktail-making techniques behind the bar—and serve up some delicious samples of their work.

Minchow and Cyrus have wanted to offer a master class on cocktails for some time now. They get questions every night about how Ration and Dram’s unique drinks are crafted, and now, with this series, they will be able to share in-depth knowledge with the public. The small class format will allow participants to ask as many questions as they like and savor the sensory experiences of cocktail making, including the particular aromas and flavors of the ingredients.

The lineup for the following months is:

March 26: Whiskey
April 30: Brandy (including grappas and piscos)
May 28: Tiki cocktails
June 18: Champagne (and other summer appropriate) cocktails
July 23: Vermouth & Amari cocktails

Cocktail series like this one are still rare in Atlanta, so make your plans soon if you’d like to hone your skills. The February 27 class costs $50, which covers four drinks and hors d’oeuvres during the lesson. Call Ration and Dram for reservations.

AJC: Bars bring winter cheer with warm cocktails

Winter is coming, Atlanta.

Generally, we prepare for this season the only way Southerners know how: with bread, milk and booze. But, forget the run to the grocery store. Head to bars around town, where you can find everything from wassail to toddies that will light a fire in your belly on a cold day.

Here are five hot mugs of good cheer to help bide the time until our patios and porches wake from their winter slumbers.

Hot buttered rum

A well-made hot buttered rum is surprisingly light, despite using butter and brown sugar. Ration and Dram’s rendition is downright addictive — and charming, served in a dainty gold-rimmed tea cup. The batter is the typical mixture of brown sugar, unsalted butter, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg dissolved in hot water in a preheated mug. But that’s where tradition ends and crafting a cocktail begins. Rather than simply pouring a rich, dark rum into the drink, possibly putting it out of reach of imbibers who are turned off by sweetness, Ration combines the smooth, caramel-forward Jamaican Blackwell rum and Bitter Truth’s pimento dram (allspice berries soaked in rum), which mellows the sugary batter with a hint of bitterness. You may find yourself ordering another, and still another, while you read a book and nibble on the daily popcorn offered at the bar.

Ration and Dram, 130 Arizona Ave. N.E., Atlanta. 678-974-8380

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AJC: The Weekender: Food events in Atlanta Dec. 4 – 6

SEC Championship brunch. Beer tour. Gingerbread house party. This weekend, there’s lots of fun, food events happening around town for your and your children. Add one or all five of the following events to your calendar and be prepared to eat, drink and have a grand ole time. Cheers to the weekend!

Are you ready for football?: As two teams compete at the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship game on December 5, Chef Duane Nutter of One Flew South and Chef Todd Richards of White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails will create a special menu for football fans and foodies. From 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5 at White Oak, guests can cheer (or yell) for their favorite team on the big screen while eating Southern fare paired with bloody Marys and mimosas.

Beer, for lunch: Start with a brewery tour of Three Taverns Brewery then head to Ration & Dram for lunch—pulled pork, smoked chicken, sides, beer and more. The tour will kick off at 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 5. Tickets are $50; call 678-974-8380 to reserve a seat.

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Creative Loafing: What to drink with Thanksgiving dinner – Part I

Make these cocktails or drink these local beers on Thanksgiving, because they said so.

Still at a loss for what to drink with your Thanksgiving turkey cake and cherumple on Thursday? We asked Atlanta beer, wine, and cocktail experts to share a few of their recommendations. If you’re in need of some turkey-friendly, boozy inspiration, today is your lucky day.

This series comes to you into three parts. Part I covers beer and spirits starting with thoughtful cocktail recipes from talented barkeeps Julian Goglia (the Pinewood), Andy Minchow (Ration & Dram), and Bradford Tolleson (Restaurant Eugene). CL’s resident beer guy Austin L. Ray also chipped in with three fall seasonals from Atlanta breweries that opened in 2014. In parts II and III, we tap into Advanced Sommelier Tim Willard’s near-encyclopedic body of wine knowledge and hear from southern wine geek extraordinaire Steven Grubbs, respectively.

Andy Minchow, Ration & Dram

The Plymouth Rocktail
1 ounce Plymouth gin
1 ounce Dolin Blanc (any sweet white vermouth will work)
1 barspoon of cranberry sauce(yes I did. That and the name are the cheesy parts)
2 barspoons of lemon juice
Shake and double strain into a champagne flute or wine glass.
Top with 3 ounces of dry sparkling wine(rose if you have it)
Garnish with an orange twist.

This can also be done as a punch over ice. I think it will be a nice cocktail to start the drinking off and look funny in the hands of any men watching football.

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Eater: These Atlanta Restaurants Will Save You From Cooking on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving tends to entail a mountain of planning between inviting guests into your home and cooking food for all of the extended family. But, it doesn’t have to be that way: several heroic restaurants across Atlanta recognize these fears and plan to stay open on Thanksgiving Day in order to alleviate the potential burdens of holiday cooking. Ease the stress and take the family to one of these 11 restaurants for turkey meals or something a little more unorthodox this Thursday.

11 Ration and Dram

Ration & Dram will be open from 6 p.m. to midnight serving a limited food and drink menu ranging from $5 to $20. The menu includes options like a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and a mashed potato bowl similar to the restaurant’s signature grits bowl.

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About.com: Where to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in Atlanta

Ration & Dram is offering a no fuss, casual Thanksgiving dinner this year, so put on your comfiest, and head over to this Kirkwood neighborhood hotspot at 6 p.m. for a festive feast to remember. They’re offering a limited drink and food menu, where guest can choose from a turkey-cranberry sandwich with mayo and dressing, or a mashed potato bowl complete with bacon, cheeses, house-made crème fraiche and green onions.

No reservations required here – just community, good food and tasty libations.

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The Crimson White: Six Things to do in Atlanta

It’s another lonely away-game weekend in Tuscaloosa, leaving many students hankering for a getaway. Tuscaloosa is situated in the middle of the South, making it easy to jump in the car for a road trip to any number of destinations. Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville and Atlanta are all in within five hours of T-Town. So if you’re not following the Crimson Tide to Starkville this weekend, plan a weekend trip to Atlanta, located just 2.5 hours away, and go beyond the malls, aquarium and the World of Coke to experience some of these local hot spots.

Sublime Donuts: College students get 15 percent off with their ID’s at this local donut sensation. Located in the heart of Atlanta, this restaurant offers a large collection of unique donut eats. Flavors range from s’mores to sweet potato cake and even maple bacon cheddar (only offered on Saturdays). They also offer specialty donut ice cream sandwiches, including flavors such as the Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Burger. Donut-lovers will rejoice at the chance to experience any of Sublime Donuts’ unusual flavors.

Ponce City Market: Located in the historic Sears, Roebuck & Co, building in Atlanta and developed by the owners of Chelsea Market in Manhattan, this lively market is perfect for checking out food and shopping. Locals love drinking and dining in the Central Food Hall, and PCM also includes Atlanta favorites such as Dancing Goats Coffee Bar and King of Pops. Visitors can also check out boutiques as well as popular shopping spots like Anthropologie and J. Crew.

The Beltline: The Atlanta Beltline is the perfect place to satisfy a need for outdoor adventure, and to explore the city at the same time. Twenty-two miles of pedestrian-friendly trails situated on an old railroad is the perfect way to see views of the city. Development of the Beltline is expected to continue until 2030, eventually connecting up to 45 Atlanta neighborhoods. But there is still much to enjoy as of now: shops and restaurants line the path, and bikes are also available for rental. Also along the way is Krog Street Market, which locals love for eats and beverages. For information about the Beltline, visit beltline.org.

Terminal West: Located on the West Side, this popular venue showcases music and acts almost every night of the week. The lineup for this weekend is as follows: Friday- Desert Dwellers; Saturday- The Electric Sons; Sunday- The English Beat. Restaurant Stationside is also located at Terminal West, serving refreshments during and after shows. For ticket information visit http://www.terminalwestatl.com/.

Little Trouble: Also located on the West Side is Little Trouble, a “Blade Runner” themed bar that greets visitors with neon lights and a lively atmosphere. Not only is it a bar, but it’s also a great place to grab snacks and appetizers. The menu offers a wide variety of cocktails, wine and beer, as well as Asian-inspired appetizers such as dumplings, buns, slaw and ramen. Be sure to try the $5 drink specials during happy hour, which is Monday-Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Ration and Dram: Check out this local joint for its popular $1 oyster nights on Mondays, or stop by any time for a culinary experience. They serve local food, and they offer an extensive menu for vegans and vegetarians. Try their popular oysters or one the other customer favorites from the menu, including the southern classic, chicken and dumplings, French dip or pan-seared Georgia trout.

AJC: Warm up with these 15 Atlanta comfort food dishes and drinks

When you’re looking to warm up, these cold-weather comfort food dishes and drinks around Atlanta will keep away the chill.

Ration & Dram’s Chicken & Dumplings is made from scratch using Darby Farms chicken, Southern Swiss Dairy milk made into cream and fluffy biscuit dumplings. The restaurant promises the dish “will make you feel like you’re at your grandmother’s house.” 130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, Ga. 30307, 678-974-8380, www.rationanddram.com

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PUNCH: Suppressor #7. Low Proof Cocktail.

Andy Minchow, Ration & Dram | Atlanta

Ration & Dram’s Andy Minchow tackles the low-proof cocktail in his #7, which sees Pommeau de Normandie punched up by the herbaceous notes of Cynar and the fizz and acidity of sparkling wine—proving that less booze doesn’t mean less complexity.


Serving: 1

  • 1 ounce Pommeau de Normandie
  • 1 ounce Cynar
  • 1 ounce sparkling wine

Garnish: lemon peel

  1. Stir Cynar and Pommeau with ice and strain into a tulip glass.
  2. Top with Sparkling Wine and express and discard a lemon peel over the top of the drink.

AJC: 4 rainy day deals around Atlanta

Don’t let a rainy day in Atlanta spoil your fun; instead, let the weather inspire you. There are plenty of things to do in Atlanta when it rains, and plenty of places that will reward you for putting on your rain gear and trekking out into the city.

$6 classic cocktails at Ration & Dram (Kirkwood). Ration & Dram recently introduced a new rainy day classics cocktail menu, which is only available on rainy days. Each drink on the menu is $6 and includes classic cocktails like Dark n Stormy, Daiquiri and Horse’s Neck. 130 Arizona Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Ga. 30307,678-974-8380, www.rationanddram.com


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Tales of the Cocktail: Caffeinated Cocktails- Where Coffee and Booze Come Together

As brisk fall weather rolls in, tenders of the bar reach for subtle, warming elements to keep drinks comforting. And what elixir has the perfect balance to start a day or end a night? Coffee.

From the age old film tropes of a grizzled detective spilling some unidentifiable booze into their morning cup of joe to Irish coffees developed in a San Franciscan bar in the 1940s, coffee and cocktails have a long standing history as drinking companions. After all, mixology is all about finding that sweet spot of balance in a cocktail—one in which the flavors complement each other, build and meld together into a cohesive sip, and coffee offers complexity and craveability ideal for a cocktail input.

These days it’s not just bars experimenting with espresso shots, cold-brewed coffee and nitro on their menus. Coffee shops and bespoke roasters are getting in on the action, offering creative takes on everything from Irish coffee to Black Russians. So we sat down with innovative bars and coffee houses developing programs on both fronts that leverage the caffeine-laden potion in signature sips at their establishments.

Caffeine Come-up

Deeply understanding coffee as a flavor component is a difficult undertaking due to incalculable variations in bean roasts and regions from which the beans hail. Add this intricacy to the seasonally-inspired trends in the cocktail industry, and you’ve got a recipe for something special. “Coffee is such a unique ingredient — different roasts vary in respect to acidity, brightness, floridity, earthiness, I mean, there are a million different variations of different roasts and it’s up to the bartender to choose what in that roast they want to showcase and how to use it in an interesting way,” says Lozano.

Take the recent uptick in affinity for cold press and nitro coffee that has caffeine aficionados clamoring to experience the best. “There’s endless ways to derive flavor in liquid format, and most of those ways haven’t been explored in a coffee drink yet. I’m always interested in finding new ways to pull flavor that work in the context of coffee,” says Lee Carter of Five Watt Coffee in Minneapolis, MN. Carter goes on, “Cold press is a fantastic use of coffee in cocktail and can be used in various levels of strength as a perfect cocktail mixer.” Nitro coffee is also a hot number as seen at Atlanta, GA craft cocktail house, Ration & Dram. Bar manager Kysha Cyrus is proud that they were the first in the city to make nitro coffee in-house and to use it in their cocktail creations. “[Nitro] gives the drink the creamy texture people might look for without the addition of milk or cream. No shaking. The cocktails are about showcasing the nitro coffee and not losing the spirit,” says Cyrus.

There’s even a cadre of establishments that have nixed booze in favor of virgin plays on coffee-tails that leverage syrups, shrubs and bitters to add a level of complexity. “The coffee cocktails I make at the shop are non-alcoholic and built around the naturally occurring flavor notes in each coffee,” says Lindsey Pitman of The Daily Press in Charlotte, NC. Although they intend to add some alcoholic versions in the future, Pitman notes that, “The alcohol is a flavoring ingredient – not a main focus.”

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While they make some of the city’s most solid small plates, entrees, drinks, etc., Ration & Dram’s brunch is truly the jam, especially the bone marrow breakfast, which comes with soft, buttery biscuits, eggs, a touch of broccoli rabe, and a hefty hunk of decadent bone marrow. It might be the most sophisticated hangover cure ever. Don’t worry, though, signature breakfast cocktails like the Rise ‘N’ Shine with white whiskey, Italian liqueur averna, vanilla syrup, and nitro coffee mean you can get started on your next one right away.

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Where: Ration and Dram, Atlanta

What: Named for the oft-quoted character from Parks & Rec, the “Ron Swanson” is perhaps the most formidable brunch we’ve ever seen: a six-ounce steak grilled to order, four pieces of bacon, and three eggs on a bed of pepper and onion potato hash. All that served is beside a pour of Lagavulin 16. And you too can eat this all at the same time, because you are a free American.

Wash it down with: You mean something other than that single-malt? Ration and Dram offers a build-your-own “Brunch Punch,” too, customizable with a huge range of fruits and spirits.

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Eater: Impressive Cold Brew Cocktails and Where to Drink Them

Cold brew coffee—bottled, nitro on tap or built to order—is America’s hottest way to chill out. Unlike iced coffee, which is simply hot brewed coffee or espresso poured over ice, cold brew is made by steeping coffee grinds in room temperature to cold water for half a day or longer. Though a staple at third wave coffee shops for a couple of years now, the drink hit critical mass when Starbucks launched its own brew this past spring. Lauded for a flavorful, smooth and less acidic profile, it was only a matter of time before bartenders decided to get creative with the brew in place of standard coffee. Below, 22 awesome cold brew coffee-spiked libations, from a White Russian-inspired intoxicant to the perfect brunch potion.


Location: 130 Arizona Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA
Bartender: Kysha Cyrus
Cocktail: Rise ‘N’ Shine ($8) with cold brew coffee, Troy & Sons Moonshine, Amaro Averna and vanilla syrup.
“We love a good, or bad, pun at Ration & Dram, and adding coffee into the mix seemed like a natural fit—the coffee being the ‘Rise’ and the moonshine being the ‘Shine’!” explains drink creator Kysha Cyrus. This cocktail drinks bold “with a subtle sweetness and robust flavor from the nitro coffee.”

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Foursquare: The 11 Best Places for Egg Salad Sandwiches in Atlanta

Ration + Dram
130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA
American Restaurant · Edgewood · 24 tips and reviews

Creative Loafing AtlantaCreative Loafing Atlanta: Their brunch menu includes breakfast dumplings, a vegetarian grit bowl, and an egg salad sandwich. Read more.

EaterEater: This casual Kirkwood spot offers a shady patio and a menu with everything from shareables like oysters and poutine to main plates such as chicken and dumplings and pot pie. Read more.

Robb L.Robb Lejuwaan: Love this place. Great food, cocktails and excellent service.

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For the Bookworm: Instead of “bottomless mimosas” or the typical brunch beverages, Ration & Dram is doing “Brunch Punch Cards.” The owners found a ton of these vintage library cards, and in the best example of repurposing we’ve ever come across, ever, they’ve printed a build-your-own brunch punch menu on them. The punch starts with Sparkling Brut, Rose, or Stiegl Grapefruit Radler, then in step two you can add Strawberry Puree, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Ford’s Gin, Deep Eddy Vodka, Pimm’s, Cappeletti, and/or Campari. You make your selection on the card with a hole puncher (to further the punch theme). Bring your bookworm friends, your book club, your favorite librarian…and me to their patio this summer.

Barre to Bar Tip: Ration & Dram is in the Kirkwood area, not far from Decatur. 

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AJC: Atlanta’s best summer drinks

It’s summer, and it’s HOT out there.

Now, whether it’s the heat or those pretzels making you thirsty, here are your best bets to quench that thirst around Atlanta.

This Summer’s “It” Beer
It is with giddiness that we’ve watched the local beer scene explode in recent years. Both the number of breweries and the quality of the beer they’re putting out is out of this world. One of the shining stars is definitely Athens based Creature Comforts. And the belle of the brewery ball this year is their IPA, Tropicalia. Probably the best version of an IPA around right now, you’ll see the shiny orange cans in a ton of hands this Summer. If you want to try it, you’ll need to hustle. Restaurants are running out and beer shops are putting limits on the amount you can buy. But, it will be completely worth the hunt when you finally get your hands on some. Bonus! Here are more IPAs for hop lovers.

If You Like Pina Coladas….
Okay, there are few Summer cocktails that inspire so much nostalgia as pina coladas. While you may think that you should be sipping on one at the beach (which you absolutely should!), what about a patio in the Old 4th Ward? You wouldn’t think of a Mexican spot for your go-to spot for such tropical beverages, but Across The Street will change your mind. Everything’s made from scratch and the frozen concoction will make everything amazing

Iced Coffee, Stepped Up a Notch
There’s a new (iced) coffee in town, folks! Wanderlust has hit the ground running and it’s giving us the fuel to make it through these hot and muggy days. You can find Wanderlust at several farmer’s markets and boutique shops around town; we even found it at a beer fest! But, if you really want some crazy good tastiness, go to Octane, The Porter or Ration & Dram. Right now, these spots are pouring Wanderlust with nitrogen. “Nitro-coffee” tastes like a caffeine infused mix of Guinness. And it’s going to be your morning beverage of choice. Trust us.

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AJC: Nitro Coffee, Cocktails at Ration & Dram, and DIY nitro beverages

Recently, Ration & Dram in Kirkwood became one of the first places in Atlanta to serve nitrogen-infused coffee. Poured on draft by the glass and in cocktails, the process creates a cascading, mildly carbonated beverage with a creamy mouthfeel, similar to Guinness Stout or Left Hand Milk Stout.

The cold-brewed “nitro coffee” is made with beans from Batdorf & Bronson and poured cold from kegs. It is available at brunch and dinner in six- and ten-ounce pours by the glass and in cocktails, including the Rise ‘N’ Shine, made with Troy & Sons Moonshine, Averna Amaro vanilla syrup, and Jamaican Coffee, made with Blackwell Jamaican rum, Amarula fruit cream liqueur. There is also an option to add house-made vanilla syrup straight to the nitro coffee to make a coffee cream soda.

Though “nitro coffee” was named a food “trend to watch” for 2015 by Bon Appetit magazine, nitro beer has been a fixture at bars and restaurants for a long time.

And now there’s NitroBrew, a compact device for nitro-infusing beer and other beverages, which is available for sale online.

It’s advertised as “the first commercially available product designed to bring nitrogenating technology into the home, enabling beer lovers to nitrogenate store-bought brews and hobbyist beer brewers to create their own nitro-style brews from scratch. In under a minute, NitroBrew turns any home-brewed or bottled beer into a sensational, silky nitro-style beer masterpiece.”

Prices start at $499, if you’re thinking of a nitro Father’s Day gift.

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Garden & Gun: Drinks – The New Rumrunners

Small-batch distilleries are helping rum reclaim its rightful place in the well-stocked Southern bar.

Umbrella drinks, pirates, and Malibu—few spirits have as checkered a reputation as rum. These days, it’s known mostly as party fuel. “Many people come to rum with memories that unfortunately involve a bottle of Bacardi and their neighbor’s shrubbery,” says Wayne Curtis, the author of And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails. But a growing number of Southern distillers are taking rum back to its more respectable roots, producing blends to be savored, not slugged.

Bourbon may have a hold on the South’s self-image, but rum goes back even further: The cultivation of sugarcane, its base ingredient, dates back to the region’s colonial days. “You make what you grow,” says Kelly Railean, the owner of Railean Distillers in San Leon, Texas, along the Gulf Coast. She opened in 2007, becoming one of the South’s first new-school rum distillers. Scores of distilleries operated along the Gulf Coast before both the Civil War and the onset of state-level Prohibition in the late nineteenth century wiped them out. Americans later fell in love with the sweetened mass-produced rums coming out of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, drinks that are hard to take straight but mix well in the neon-colored concoctions that, over the years, have come to typify rum’s presence at the bar.

Now, though, distillers are learning to appreciate rum’s complexity and variety. Both Prichard’s in Tennessee and Old New Orleans Rum in Louisiana offer limited-edition aged rums almost old enough to drive a car, with the smooth vanilla and caramel notes of a fine bourbon. Scott and Ann Blackwell, who opened Charleston, South Carolina’s High Wire Distilling in 2013, started with a molasses-based rum but now produce rhum agricole, a style made with freshly squeezed cane juice and most commonly associated with the French island of Martinique. High Wire’s cane comes from small patches near Charleston, with the name of the originating farm on each bottle. The result is a delicate, sweetly grassy spirit—the last thing you’d dump into an eighties-era mai tai.

Bartenders are rediscovering rum’s versatility, too. “Because it’s so loosely regulated, rum is the Wild West when it comes to variety,” says Duane Sylvester of Bourbon Steak in Washington, D.C. “It’s amazing to see what people are able to do.” One popular trick is to swap rum for whiskey in an old-fashioned or a Boulevardier, or to sub in rhum agricole for tequila in a Paloma. “These days we sell more rum than vodka drinks,” says Andy Minchow, the owner of Ration and Dram, a cocktail bar in Atlanta’s Edgewood neighborhood.

Around New Orleans’ Decatur Street, so many rum-centric bars—Latitude 29, Cane and Table, Tiki Tolteca—have emerged in the last two years that folks have started calling it Rum Row. WunderBar, which recently opened in Miami’s Circa 39 hotel, has more than sixty-five different bottles on its shelves. And while many of these bars have lengthy cocktail menus, bartenders aren’t afraid to offer extra-aged rums to sip straight, too. “Rums can drink like Armagnacs, like cognacs, like bourbon,” says Cane and Table’s co-owner Nick Detrich.

But all of the high-mindedness doesn’t mean rum can’t remain the life of the party. Take tiki drinks, which are making yet another comeback. “The last few years have been very serious,” says Russell Theode, co-owner of the tiki-themed Lei Low bar in Houston, “but tiki is fun.” Eschewing tropical kitsch for forgotten recipes, fewer ingredients, and fresh fruit juices, Theode and his rum-loving brethren aim to highlight and complement the spirit’s flavor, rather than mask it—which, given the diversity and quality of rum styles available, makes for a wealth of options. “If someone says they don’t like rum,” he says, “they just haven’t found the right one yet.”

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Creative Loafing: Best Bets- Where to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta (and why)

Wings, on wings, on wings, big screen TVs, endless discussions of deflated balls… If sitting at home with a seven layer dip doesn’t strike your fancy, here are some Best Bets for alternative plans on Super Bowl Sunday, some include the game and some do not.

Join Ration and Dram for the release of Bleeding Heart, the small production amber ale inspired by southern red velvet cake, brewed with cocoa and vanilla. Local brewery Second Self joins this Edgewood hot spot for a five course Super Bowl dinner with a menu driven by game day eats. Funnel cake and heavenly sounding “Hush doggies” are on the menu. Dinner is a mere $40 including beer pairings. Dinner kicks off at 6 p.m. and ends around half time, although guests are invited to stay until the end of the game, which will be playing with sound. To reserve your spot, please call 678-974-8380 130 Arizona Ave. www.rationanddram.com.

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