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Thrillist: Where to Find Atlanta’s Best Biscuits

A lot of food crazes have hit Atlanta over the past 10 years. And yet, most of them were about eating things that weren’t quite native Southeastern delicacies. Now, as you rise and shine each morning, more and more local restaurants are making biscuits of all sorts, and they all want you to believe that theirs are “just like Mama used to make.” However, even Mama can’t compete with some of ATL’s best biscuit-making establishments. Feast your eyes on the greatest biscuits our fair city has to offer in 2016.

Ration and Dram


Recently, after realizing R&D’s “drop biscuit” (a biscuit baked in a muffin pan instead of on a cookie sheet) was too doughy, partner Caitlin Crawford decided it was time to remix the restaurant’s biscuit. She recreated her grandmother’s version, using White Lily flour, buttermilk, and butter, mixing and folding it into layers gently by hand (because the more your biscuit dough mixes, the more dense, and less good, your biscuits will be, home-biscuiteers). The result is what you see above — a fluffy, yet fortified, bread-layered treat for the Southern-fried soul. Eat several.

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