Ration + Dram Chicken and Dumplings

AJC: The chicken and dumplings that a chilly Atlanta needs

Sometimes you just need to dive into a bowl of comfort. This is true whether the temps outside are dipping a little too low for your preference or you need to speak to some food about your emotions.

Chicken and dumplings is a perfect vehicle, and Atlanta is no stranger to the dish. These chicken and dumplings will give you a big ol’ bear hug of comfort.

Ration & Dram

130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307; 678-974-8380,  www.rationanddram.com

Ration & Dram is known for their cocktails. The menu is full of dark spirits that lend themselves to quiet conversations at the cozy bar. To keep those chats – not to mention those stiff drinks – going, you’ll need some equally comforting food. Look no further than the chicken and dumplings. They use Darby Farms chicken for both the meat and the stock. The dish is made creamy with Swiss Dairy milk and biscuit dumplings. It all comes together for a powerful hug on a chilly night.

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