Andy Minchow

Creative Loafing: What to drink with Thanksgiving dinner – Part I

Make these cocktails or drink these local beers on Thanksgiving, because they said so.

Still at a loss for what to drink with your Thanksgiving turkey cake and cherumple on Thursday? We asked Atlanta beer, wine, and cocktail experts to share a few of their recommendations. If you’re in need of some turkey-friendly, boozy inspiration, today is your lucky day.

This series comes to you into three parts. Part I covers beer and spirits starting with thoughtful cocktail recipes from talented barkeeps Julian Goglia (the Pinewood), Andy Minchow (Ration & Dram), and Bradford Tolleson (Restaurant Eugene). CL’s resident beer guy Austin L. Ray also chipped in with three fall seasonals from Atlanta breweries that opened in 2014. In parts II and III, we tap into Advanced Sommelier Tim Willard’s near-encyclopedic body of wine knowledge and hear from southern wine geek extraordinaire Steven Grubbs, respectively.

Andy Minchow, Ration & Dram

The Plymouth Rocktail
1 ounce Plymouth gin
1 ounce Dolin Blanc (any sweet white vermouth will work)
1 barspoon of cranberry sauce(yes I did. That and the name are the cheesy parts)
2 barspoons of lemon juice
Shake and double strain into a champagne flute or wine glass.
Top with 3 ounces of dry sparkling wine(rose if you have it)
Garnish with an orange twist.

This can also be done as a punch over ice. I think it will be a nice cocktail to start the drinking off and look funny in the hands of any men watching football.

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